The sauna has always played an important role in the lives of Finns. It is natural to Finns have a sauna in their “birth suite”, as there are many Finns who are born in the sauna.

Photo: Anna Ruotanen (Sauna from Finland)

The traditional Finnish sauna was usually a separate courtyard building, where water was carried from the well, heat was obtained from the stove and light from the candle. “Let’s go to the sauna” literally meant going to another building that was a very special world of its own.

A big part of the bathing and sauna experience, along with the sounds, the heat and the smells, was the lighting, the atmosphere. Since, even today, not all saunas have electricity, light is created by candles and lanterns, the light of the wood stove comes through the hatch. The unwritten rule is that Finnish sauna should have soft, even dim lighting.

In recent years, there has been a new focus on building and equipping saunas – the sauna is no longer just a place to wash. The sauna can be luxus, the place of relaxation according to the needs of its users, the materials and colors are chosen according to their taste. The same tendency can be observed in the sauna lighting. The focus is on lighting and the luminaires are intended to be suitable for the interior of everyone’s own sauna. The shape, materials, light color and dimmability of the luminaires are the basic criteria, as well as domesticity and low power consumption.

The sauna is now being decorated like home, with spas, hotels and public saunas investing in the quality of their customers’ sauna experiences. Lighting and its ingenious use completes the authentic sauna experience.

Photo: Anna Ruotanen (Sauna from Finland)

The sauna is now being manufactured with unprecedented luminaires unique in design. The luminaire may be visible but its light source shall not. “Invisible sauna lights”, placed under benches or behind backrests, are also popular, creating a smooth light between beautiful structures.

Today, the sauna light is an interior element. It may not look like a luminaire anymore, it may make the viewer smile, or even be surprised. Free your mind and take a look at new forms of sauna lighting.

Paula Leino, LEDIFY