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LED sauna heater spot light

LEDIFY KiuasLED is a Finnish LED luminaire, an accessory for LEDIFY SaunaLED series. KiuasLED is suitable for installation in both, wood and electric saunas.

KiuasLED withstands the steam and heat rising from the sauna heater, so therefore it’s an excellent choice for illuminating e.g. a stone wall behind the heater. If you want to highlight the wall surface, install KiuasLED lamps on the ceiling at about 25cm apart and about 2cm from the wall. Suitable number of luminaires in one meter is 3.

The beam angle of the KiuasLED is narrow 15°, so the illumination is applied beautifully to the desired destination. The rising steam from the heater appears brightly lit.

The KiuasLED has a light color of 3000K (the same warm shade with LEDIFY SaunaLED series).

We also supply KiuasLED 4000 Kelvin as an special order product. By installing side by side 2 KiuasLED lights: one red and one yellow, you get the feel of the campfire. These are also special order products.

The LEDIFY KiuasLED has its own 5m long cable. If necessary, you can connect a total of 10 meters of wire (2 x 5m), allowing reach for large rooms.

KiuasLED is suitable for use with solar panels, because of the 12V voltage.

The installation of LEDIFY KiuasLED is quick and easy for a professional. The mounting hole for each lamp is Ø 12 mm. The KiuasLED lamp is attached to this hole by its springs which will open up. Each lamp has a 15cm-long cable with quick coupling, which can be easily be attached to 5m connecting cable with quick coupling as well. The cables of KiuasLED are heat resistant up to +180°C so they are suitable to use in sauna installation according to all the requirements. The KiuasLED lamp can be replaced with a new one even after years of use because of the easy quick couplings. (The exchange is done by pulling out the old lamp from the mounting hole, disconnect the wiring quick couplings, connect the new lamp with the old cable and insert a new lamp into place.)

KiuasLED wiring should be mounted behind the sauna wall or behind of the roof structures. The 5m connecting cables will be attached to the 16-pin connector of SaunaLED series with quick connector. 16-pin connector is IP20 and therefore it has to be placed in a dry place. It can be placed behind the wall structures. 5m-long cable attaches 16-pin connector to the transformer with a plug.

SaunaLED IP20 transformer should be placed in a dry place with normal room temperature, e.g. in the ceiling of shower room or in the dressing room behind sauna. If the transformer is installed in the sauna room, it has to be placed max. 1 m in height. In the sauna room or outdoors the transformer has to be protected from water and moisture and cased in order to achieve minimum of IP44 protection rating.

LEDIFY KiuasLED sales package Includes

  • KiuasLED luminaire
  • 5 m connecting cable
Voltage12 V
Power0,35 W/LED
Colour temperature3000K warm white
Protection ratingIP54
Mounting hole12mm
NOTE. If you want to use e.g. 3 pieces of KiuasLEDs as an
independent light group, you need transformer 201206 and
16-pin cinnector 100006 witch are sold separately.
LEDIFY KiuasLED lamp and SaunaLED series can be dimmed
from the secondary side (12V). We recommend using LEDIFY
Magic sensor 201234 or LEDIFY Remote control 241123.
KiuasLED is dimmable from the primary side using LEDIFY
TRIAC dimmable 30W driver (201230X).
ProductArt. no.Electric no.GTIN
KiuasLED Gold 3000K10011141284366410041284262
KiuasLED Silver 3000K10011241284336410041284279
KiuasLED Black 3000K10011341284356410041284286

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