Project Description


LED light for sauna

LEDIFY KUIVI is a Finnish LED sauna light which gives a comfortable light to modern as well as traditional saunas. This LED sauna light is suitable for installation on both wood and electric saunas.

KUIVI has been developed to withstand extreme heat and moisture of sauna room. KUIVI sauna light manufactured entirely in Finland. KUIVI can replace previously used incandescent lamp in the sauna.

Although the KUIVI LED sauna light is only 3W (355lm), it gives excellent general light from the wall of the sauna. Soft warm white light color (3000K) is pleasant to the sauna, just the right tone for the different sauna materials. The lamp can’t be dimmed. The light source (LED) is extremely long lasting, the lifetime is over 36,000h, and the KUIVI as a whole has a 2 year warranty.

KUIVI LED lamp is installed on the wall. You can choose from two models: surface mount or recessed mount. According to their names, the surface mounting model is installed to the wall surface and the recessed mounting model is embedded within the structure of the wall.

The alder wood frame doesn’t produce any resin. Both KUIVI models are available in five different colors: light wood, dark wood, white, black and grey. The shade can also be painted or varnished to match the colors of your sauna, then choose light wood.

The KUIVI surface mount elevates only 84mm from the wall, the dimensions of wooden frame is 215mm x 215mm.

The luminaire of recessed mounting model is embedded in the wall with metal housing and the 230mm x 230mm wooden frame is left over the wall surface. Elevation from the wall is only 20mm, the lamp blends beautifully into the wall structure.

KUIVI should be installed to under the height of 1 meter in the sauna room.

KUIVI is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the luminaires protection rating is IP44.

KUIVI’s installation is easy and fast, package includes helpful manuals.

The KUIVI lamp has a 10cm cable equipped with quick connector. The luminaire is plugged to the 5m connection cable from the transformer

The wires of the lamp meet the requirements and withstand +180°C of heat. The wires have a braided surface over silicone tubing.

The 5m connection cable between the transformer and the luminaire can be easily cut to the suitable length.

KUIVI’s wiring are leaded to the sauna from behind the wall structures. Retrofitting to the old sauna is also possible for an electrician to do so.

KUIVI’s driver (IP20) should be placed in a dry place with a normal temperature, e.g. behind the sauna panels or next room behind the wall. If the driver is installed inside the sauna, it should be placed under 1 meter in height and enclosed (protected from water and humidity) to achieve IP44 or IP67 protection rating.

KUIVI’s driver is very small: 39mm x 48mm x 20mm.

LEDIFY KUIVI sales package contains

  • 1 KUIVI shade and luminaire with wires
  • 5 m connecting cable
  • Driver
  • Mounting screws
  • Installation instructions
  • Metal housing – recessed model
Power3 W
Light color 3000 K warm white
Protection rating IP 44
Driver350 mA
ProductArt. no.Electric no.GTIN
KUIVI dark10610141284326410041284323
KUIVI neutral10610241284296410041284293
KUIVI black10610341284316410041284316
KUIVI white10610441284306410041274309
KUIVI grey10610541284876410041284873
ProductArt. no.Electric no.GTIN
KUIVI dark10620141284366410041284361
KUIVI natural10620241284336410041284330
KUIVI black10620341284356410041284354
KUIVI white10620441284346410041284347
KUIVI grey10620541284856410041284859