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LED wall light

LEDIFY PÖLKKY wall light is designed for sauna, but it’s suitable in all areas of home and also outdoors. PÖLKKY is installed on the wall approx. in height 160-180cm, where light is beautifully divided up and down along the wall surface. The light color is warm 3000K.

The luminaire body is untreated pine, so it can be processed to the desired color matching the sauna panels. When using a luminaire in the sauna or outdoors the body should always be painted or varnished to protect the wood.

PÖLKKY’s light source is heat reststant for over 125°C, allowing the installation of the lamp in more than one meter height in the sauna. Heat resistance of the connecting wires is +180°C, the wires have silicone coating with glass fiber braid.

LEDIFY PÖLKKY is suitable for connection as a SaunaLED series add-on, SaunaLED lamps behind the backrest and PÖLKKY lights on the walls of the sauna give beautiful lighting.

PÖLKKY luminaire is suitable for use with solar panels with a voltage of 12VDC. PÖLKKY is dimmable from the secondary side (like the SaunaLED series).

A single LED light source can be replaced (spare lamp 4128449).

The sales package includes a wooden wall lamp with 2pcs SaunaLED light sources, 2pcs 5m cord an installation instructions.

Wall mounting is easy with a single screw (not included), the screw head snaps into place on the backside of the lamp.

PÖLKKY’s wiring is leaded to the sauna from behind the wall structures.

NOTE The PÖLKKY lamp needs LEDIFY 6W Driver 4013602 and LEDIFY 16-pin connector 4128425 (these can be purchased separately or you can connect to PÖLKKY with already existing SaunaLED series).

Only 2 PÖLKKY wall lights in the sauna.
We recommend:
2pcs PÖLKKY lighting fixtures
6W SaunaLED Driver 201206
16-pin connector 100006

2 PÖLKKY wall lights and a SaunaLED series.
Recommended for
2pcs PÖLKKY lighting fixtures
SaunaLED series
(PÖLKKY is connected to the SaunaLED Series 16-pin connector)

ProductArt. no.
Kulma / Corner106701
Kaari / Arc106702
Kierre / Twist106703
IP20 Modelincluding driver

You can even choose the color of the light source body: black, white, gold or silver.

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