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LED Drivers

IP20 and IP67 drivers

We offer LED drivers for dry (IP20) and wet (IP67) conditions. LEDIFY transformers are short circuit and overheat protected. All our transformers have a 2 year warranty. LEDIFY LED drivers are designed for professional use.

12VDC transformers are suitable for use eg. LED luminaires, LED strips and with SaunaLED lighting series.

How much load a can I add to a 6.25A driver? The power (W) of the driver can be calculated by multiplying the voltage (V) with amperes (A).

Example: 6,25A * 12V = 75W

If you want to install a 9.6W/m LED strip, divide power of the driver with the power of the LED strip.

Example 75W : 9.6W/m = 7.81m (So you can connect 7m of 9.6W/m LED strip to a 75W driver.) Note: We recommend to load up drivers only to 90% of its maximum capacity.

For dimming LEDIFY LED strip or SaunaLED series from the primary side, select 12VDC TRIAC dimmable driver. (201230X, 201250X or 201275X)

Our product range also includes IP20 drivers for mounting boxes, 350mA and 700mA, of which 700mA is suitable for use with the SaunaLED series.

ProductArt. no.Electric no.GTIN
LED Driver 75W 12V TRIAC 6,25A201275X6430062712322
LED Driver 50W 12V TRIAC 4,1A201250X6430062712315
LED Driver 30W 12V TRIAC 2,5A201230X40136036410040136036
ProductArt. no.Electric no.GTIN
LED Driver 132W 12V 6,25A20121326430062712339
LED Driver 75W 12V 6,25A20127540136016410040136012
LED Driver 50W 12V 4,1A2012506430062712506
LED Driver 30W 12V 2,5A20123040136006410040136005
LED Driver 15W 12V 1,25A2012156430062712155
LED Driver 6W 12V 0,5A20120640136026410040136029
Driver 700mA2007006430062717006
Driver 350mA2003506430062716993
ProductArt. no.
LED Driver 120 WLPV-150-12
LED Driver 60 WLPV-60-12
LED Driver 36 WLPV-36-12
LED Driver 10 W206710

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