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LED strip profile

Aluminum profiles for LED stips makes unique lighting solutions possible in home as well as in public spaces. LEDIFY aluminum profile length is 2 m.

The wear-resistant surface of the profile is easy to keep clean, for example in the kitchen; clean with a moist cloth. The LED aluminum profile is available in colors white, black, bronze and aluminum. End pieces are available in same color as the profile The profile is finished with a white diffuser that smoothes the light evening out the sigle LED spots on the strip.

By installing an aluminum profile with LEDIFY 14.4W/m 4000K IP20 LED strip, you can get excellent working light!

In the sauna we recommend using untreated (silver) aluminum profile and LEDIFY LED strip 4.8W/m IP67 to be used inside.

NOTE. The ambient temperature of the LED strip should not exceed +60°C

We also have an aluminum profile B model for recessed mounting as well as the C-model for installation at an angle of 45°.

Silver, White, Black, Bronze

Available profiles
Profile A Surface mount
Profile B Recessed mount
Profile C Corner mount
Profile SOLIS Double wide

PAS2Aluminum profile A Silver 2m Surface mount
PAW2Aluminum profile A white 2m Surface mount
PAB2Aluminum profile A black 2m Surface mount
PAI2Aluminum profile A bronze 2m Surface mount
PAS-ZEnd piece A silver
PAS-ZOEnd piece A silver with hole
PAW-ZEnd piece A white
PAW-ZOEnd piece A white with hole
PAB-ZEnd piece A black
PAB-ZOEnd piece A black with hole
PAI-ZEnd piece A bronze
PAI-ZOEnd piece A bronze with hole
PATR-UCHProfile mounting piece A MINI Transparent
KCLML2Snap-in diffuser for A B C profiles 2m
PBS2Aluminum profile B silver 2m recessed
PBW2Aluminum profile B white 2m recessed
PBB2Aluminum profile B black 2m recessed
PBI2Aluminum profile B bronze 2m recessed
PBS-ZOEnd piece B silver with hole
PBW-ZOEnd piece B white with hole
PBB-ZOEnd piece B black with hole
PBI-ZOEnd piece B bronze with hole
KCLML2Snap-in diffuser for A B C profiles 2m
PCS2Aluminum profile C silver 2m for corner
PCW2Aluminum profile C white 2m for corner
PCB2Aluminum profile C black 2m for corner
PCI2Aluminum profile C bronze 2m for corner
PCS-ZEnd piece C silver
PCS-ZOEnd piece C silver with hole
PCW-ZEnd piece C white
PCW-ZOEnd piece C white with hole
PCB-ZEnd piece C black
PCB-ZOEnd piece C black with hole
PCI-ZEnd piece C bronze
PCI-ZOEnd piece C bronze with hole
PCTR-UCHProfiles mounting piece C MINI transparent
KCLML2Snap-in diffuser for A B C profiles 2m
SOLISS2SOLIS Aluminum profile 2m silver
SOLISW2SOLIS Aluminum profile 2m white
SOLISB2SOLIS Aluminum profile 2m black
SOLISI2SOLIS Aluminum profile 2m bronze
KCLML SOLIS2Diffuser for SOLIS profiles 2m white
SOLISS-ZEnd piece SOLIS silver
SOLISS-ZOEnd piece SOLIS silver with hole
SOLISW-ZEnd piece SOLIS white
SOLISW-ZOEnd piece SOLIS white with hole
SOLISB-ZEnd piece SOLIS black
SOLISB-ZOEnd piece SOLIS black with hole
SOLISI-ZEnd piece SOLIS bronze
SOLISI-ZOEnd piece SOLIS bronze with hole

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