Project Description


LED lighting series

LEDIFY SaunaLED lighting series are designed to withstand harsh conditions: heat and moisture in sauna, or outdoors winters cold and summer heat. SaunaLED series is originally designed for a Finnish sauna.

The LED light of this series may be mounted in the ceiling, behind the backrest, on the wall, under the benches, railing etc. A suitable space between SaunaLED lamps would be approx. 30cm.

Basic SaunaLED is suitable for installation in the ceiling but not nearby / above the sauna heater. Our KiuasLED is developed for this purpose. LEDIFY KiuasLED should be installed in accordance with standard SFS 6000-7-703.

Each LED lamp has its own 5-meter-long cable with quick connectors. This gives the SaunaLED series a good dimension and enables versatile lighting solutions. If necessary, the LED lamp can be connected to a total of 10 meters of cable (2 pieces of 5m connecting cables). This makes it possible to illuminate high rooms.

Small size, very low temperature and beautiful 3000K (warm) light makes LEDIFY SaunaLED series suitable for many rooms. LEDs can be installed above the shower, inside of shelf units, nearby the fireplace or to lighten up wall structure. They can be also used in a car or a boat or in a play cottage. SaunaLED series is suitable for use with solar panels, as the voltage is 12V.

Installation manual [PDF]

Always use an authorized electrician for all electrical installation work!

LEDIFY SaunaLED sales package includes

  • 6 or 9 or 12 LED luminaires
  • 6 or 9 or 12 5 m long wires with quick-connectors
  • 16-pin connector
  • 6W transformer
  • Installation instructions

The size of saunaroom – LED lights needed

  • 3 m² – 6 luminaires
  • 3-4 m² – 9 luminaires
  • 4-6 m² – 12 luminaires
Output Voltage12VDC
Light color3000K warm white
Light opening angle22°
Protection ratingIP44
Mounting hole size12mm
DriverIP20 12V 6W
ItemProduct codeElectric no.GTIN
SaunaLED 6 Gold10060141284006410041284002
SaunaLED 6 Silver10060241284036410041284033
SaunaLED 6 Black10060341284066410041284064
SaunaLED 6 White10060441284406410041284408
SaunaLED 9 Gold10090141284016410041284019
SaunaLED 9 Silver10090241284046410041284040
SaunaLED 9 Black10090341284076410041284071
SaunaLED 9 White10090441284416410041284415
SaunaLED 12 Gold10120141284026410041284026
SaunaLED 12 Silver10120241284056410041284057
SaunaLED 12 Black10120341284086410041284088
SaunaLED 12 White10120441284426410041284422