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LAUDEVALO LED sauna light LEDIFY LAUDEVALO is a sauna luminaire, which is installed under the sauna bench to create smooth and pleasant lighting. We produce LAUDEVALOs ready for installation, including all necessary parts. Thanks to its waterproof body, the luminaire works as well in outdoor kitchens, barbecues etc. LEDIFY products [...]



PÖLKKY LED wall light LEDIFY PÖLKKY wall light is designed for sauna, but it’s suitable in all areas of home and also outdoors. PÖLKKY is installed on the wall approx. in height 160-180cm, where light is beautifully divided up and down along the wall surface. The light color is [...]



KiuasLED LED sauna heater spot light LEDIFY KiuasLED is a Finnish LED luminaire, an accessory for LEDIFY SaunaLED series. KiuasLED is suitable for installation in both, wood and electric saunas. KiuasLED withstands the steam and heat rising from the sauna heater, so therefore it’s an excellent choice [...]



KUIVI LED light for sauna LEDIFY KUIVI is a Finnish LED sauna light which gives a comfortable light to modern as well as traditional saunas. This LED sauna light is suitable for installation on both wood and electric saunas. KUIVI has been developed to withstand extreme heat and moisture of [...]



SaunaLED LED lighting series LEDIFY SaunaLED lighting series are designed to withstand harsh conditions: heat and moisture in sauna, or outdoors winters cold and summer heat. SaunaLED series is originally designed for a Finnish sauna. The LED light of this series may be mounted in the ceiling, behind [...]

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